504 CARE is here to offer guidance, collaboration, and advocacy to help ensure individuals and families receive the care they deserve.

Our focus is coordinating care and resources for your intricate daily needs. 504 CARE is here to help individuals and families navigate the complex healthcare and social service systems. We provide guidance, collaboration, and advocacy to ensure that clients receive appropriate, quality care while facilitating cost effective, non-duplicative services.

Advocating for clients' rights and preferences is incredibly important, especially in healthcare and service contexts. By addressing disparities, breaking down barriers, and ensuring equitable care and support, we are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals. We are here to help you make informed healthcare decisions, obtain timely care, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

With a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to supporting the community, 504 CARE is here to help. Navigating challenges involving care and support can be emotionally complex, and having a trusted partner to provide compassionate guidance is invaluable. Our experience in South Louisiana speaks to our dedication.

No task is too small and her Rolodex is quite large. Jennifer is a true gem, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have her in our corner. -Carol & Ezra M.

We cannot speak highly enough of Jennifer's exceptional care and management of dad's care. She went above and beyond in handling every aspect of his needs. -Leonard & Rob L.

Jennifer has been an asset to the residents she services in our community. Her professionalism, compassion, and honesty show through her dedication to her clients. -Joan C.

504 Care was extremely helpful through a very difficult time of my sister's passing.  My sister died in Mexico. -Ken B